Powdered Urine Kit

The powdered urine kit is considered the easiest and quickest way to pass your drug test for JOB and INSURANCE purposes where no there is no supervision. powdered urine kit

* Because this is a urine substitute which you will mix, heat and submit for sample, you will not need to detox. The Kit also comes with 2 air-activated heaters which each last 6 hours which will heat the urine up to the proper temperature range, which will take around 15 minutes - there is also a temperature strip to make sure you know the current temperature and know when you are ready to go.

* This powdered urine is used as a tool to calibrate drug testing machines, therefore it will NOT fail.

* The amount of urine that will be included in the kit is 50ml, standards call for 45ml to be used, therefore, you get more than enough urine for your submission.


Real Powdered Urine

Real Powdered Urine

Instant Powered Urine is 100% real virgin urine that doesn't contain any toxins. This all natural product has all the characteristics of real urine. Just mix with water.