How to Pass a Drug Test the QUICK and EASY way

Ok, you are probably hunting for the easiest and QUICKEST way to pass your drug test. We at here are going to tell you the best way to do so. You are probably nervous and freaking out and wondering what to do. But don't worry, and its community have compiled the best information for you. There are many reasons to pass a drug test, and one of those reasons is uncovering prescription medication/drugs, and basically your right to privacy concerning this - as well as a host of other medical conditions, as well as keeping private your cannabis and marijuana medication. Not to mention the possibility of false positives that can cause headaches, you now have the knowledge and know-how to make sure you pass the test definitively!

You are going to substitute your tainted urine, with a clean urine substitute. This is a tried and true method, and unless this is a drug test where you will be strip naked and giving your sample in view of the tester, this is the way to go. In its history and product line, powdered urine substitutes have never failed the testing done upon it.

1. First and foremost, get the urine substitute! There are many varieties available, but one of the best varieties and easiest to use is this powdered urine kit which runs about $43.00, which is nothing, when you are able to pass your drug test!

2. It comes in a tube container, and when it comes to the day of your drug test, you pour the powdered urine into the tube and fill the tube with regular tap water and shake and shake until dissolved and mixed.

3. You attach the small heater pack to the tube. Also on the tube is a temperature guage which will tell you the temperature. The urine should be about 90~99 degrees when submitting to the tester. Any temperature outside of this range and some red flags might go up. The time it takes to heat up to 90~99 degrees should be around 15 minutes or so and the temperature will then hold within this range

4. You go to the bathroom for the test, and pour the contents of the urine mix tube into the test cup and then you give it back to the tester. You go home with comfort and peace of mind


1. Use room temperature water, rather than cold water since it will take longer to heat up. Make sure you know the time of the test, so you can use the heater paks at the most effective time. You can use another thermometer to double check the temperature, as well as get more heater paks just in case.

2. To sneak this into the bathroom testing area, use some duct tape and duct tape the tube on your boxers or briefs near the genitalia area. Also, you can wear two pairs of briefs, and sandwich the tube in between, however, this can be uncomfortable - and duct tape is strong. Women can use the bra area for concealment... use whatever means necessary to sneak this into the bathroom and be creative!


Real Powdered Urine

Real Powdered Urine

Instant Powered Urine is 100% real virgin urine that doesn't contain any toxins. This all natural product has all the characteristics of real urine. Just mix with water.

THC Quick Test for Marijuana

THC Quick Test for Marijuana

For those that need only to test for THC we offer the Test Clean Quick test for fast and reliable results. Just dip in the sample and your results will show between 3 to 8 minutes. It's that easy.