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smoking your harvest

What are some homemade pipes I can build?

    Editor's note: We do not recommend pipes or bongs made of plastic or metal; they may release toxic vapours when heated.

Aluminum cans, plastic fittings, plastic pop cans, etc are very common but should be considered dangerous to use as materials for DIY smoking gear.

Aluminum cans are coated in graphics externally, and have a plastic internal layer to protect the aluminum from acidic pop inside. Plastic bottles can emit toxic vapours even at lower temperatures.

Please do not use these types of homemade pipes, even with a screen cone piece in place!

Glass is inert and is the best material to construct pipes.

Have you got weed and a lighter, but nothing to smoke out of? Or you just want to let your creativity flow? Here are some of the devices that are easy to make and use.

I may refer to 'cone' or 'bowl' pieces. It depends which part of the globe you are from, but they are more-or-less the same thing. To make one of these (if you don't have one) you can use aluminum foil by folding it into the shape of a cone and poking some holes. This can also be done by cutting a section of an aluminum can and rolling it up into the shape of a cone. You will need to use your imagination for this one! Also note that as these are NOT proper pieces, they should only be used on rare occasions, as plastics/metals used in these materials can be harmful to your health.

1) Water Bong
2) Gravity Bong
3) Waterfall Bong
4) Joint
5) Apple pipe
6) Paper roll pipe
7) Vaporizer