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Nutrient Formulations

MisterIto's beginner nutrient flushing formula

It is best keeping as many leaves green on the plant until week 5 or 6. Then, metabolize the remaining minerals present in the plant during the final 2 or 3 weeks. Total dissolved solids in the final flushing solution is between 400-500ppm. In hydroponics, it is important not to reduce the solution ppm much lower, as this will shock the plants by causing reverse osmotic pressure on the roots. The plant stores excess nutrients in the plant tissue, that are available for photosynthesis. If there is a lack of available nutrients to the roots, the plant will access these reserves and the final product will burn, smell and taste far better.

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom: 5ml/gal
Dyna Pro-Tekt: 1ml/gal, used as ph up and silicon source
FoxFarm Big Bloom: 15ml/gal
3% hydrogen peroxide: 30ml/gal, every other day

MisterIto's bioponic beginner nutrient formula

Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow: 2.5ml/gal, weeks 1-4
Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom: 2.5-5ml/gal, weeks 3-?
Dyna Pro-Tekt: 1ml/gal, used as ph up
FoxFarm Big Bloom: 5-15ml/gal, weeks 5-?
Genesis Formula Micro Base: 2.5-5ml/gal, weeks 1-?
Genesis Formula Grow 1: 2.5ml/gal, weeks 1-4
Genesis Formula Grow 2: 2.5ml/gal, weeks 1-2
Genesis Formula Bloom 3: 2.5ml/gal, weeks 3-6
3% hydrogen peroxide: 30ml/gal, bi-weekly

To give a better picture of corresponding plant development, I will outline my typical crop timeline. The first two weeks consist of the clones or seedlings acclimating to their transplant to a General Hydroponics. At that point, they are usually 4-8 inches tall and are switched to a 12 hour dark period from the beginning of the third week after transplanting until they mature. I change my nutrient every two weeks. I have consistently found quality and quantity superior from organic hydro compared to organic mixes in containers.

I maintain my solution at 500-1000ppm, depending on growth stage. Young, established seedlings or rooted cuttings are started at 500-600ppm. The TDS is increased to 800-900ppm during peak vegetative growth. During the transition from early to heavy flowering, TDS is further raised to 1000ppm. It is then reduced to 400-500ppm during the final 2 weeks of flushing. I maintain my ph between 5 and 5.5, which usually requires little to no adjustment due to the high buffering capacity of the organic supplements.