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blooming and ripenings

How many hours of light do I need for blooming?

    12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. 12/12 is the standard cycle for flowering Cannabis plants indoors.

  • If you extend the light period by an hour or two (13/11 to 14/10) you can correspondingly extend the flowering period by 10 to 15%. There is an added bulk that makes up for the extended time but the buds may be a bit leafier.
  • Any attempts to use a cycle that does not add up to 24 hours should be considered very experimental as it goes against the natural rhythm that all living things have evolved with.
  • Some equatorial based varieties may not be light cycle triggered at all. This means that they are used to growing under 12/12 all the time and will flower (and finish) when they are good and ready.