How to Pass a Drug Test in 2013

Passing a drug testing for 2013 will be just as easy as 2012. Dilution still works for light users if done correctly. Substituting someone else’s clean urine for your own at a collection center will still work as long as the as the urine they gave you is drug free and you can keep their urine to body temperature. Quick Fix Urine is still remains the best synthetic urine as a urine substitute; Quick Fix Urine comes ready to use and with heat pad to keep the Quick Fix at body temperature for up to four hours.  Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia and California and also Canada have over the last few years begun testing for the presence of uric acid in an attempt to catch people using synthetic urine users, but as usual synthetic manufactures are ahead of the labs and created the Canadian Quick Fix Urine Version which contains Uric Acid for those to us who are locate in those states and Canada.


If you are subject to observed tests you still can get away with using synthetic urine by using the Whizzinator. The Urinator still remains popular as the only electronic urine testing device that will maintain urine at body temperature for a minimum of four hours with one set of batteries.



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