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Have a great 4/20 everyone! We will be unleashing some of the biggest changes on our site we have ever done this year. Soon to be announced. We thank everyone on our cannabis.com forums for the support and all our lurkers as well! We hope you all have a great 4/20 and be safe and happy!

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Uruguay to legalize marijuana

Uruguay Senate has just passed a landmark marijuana legalization measure tuesday leading to the the first country in the world to a system regulating legal cannabis production, sale, and consumption. The only remaining technicality is that President Jose Mujica has to sign the bill, which he has backed.

We will be reporting more on this as this develops.

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Blue Treacle – Funny Name, Awesome Autoflowering Seeds

A stellar mix of Original Blueberry & Sweet Tooth Auto genetics, Blue Treacle is just as delectable as the name implies. But the sugary flavour & thick glaze of sticky resin isn’t all this impressive automatic strain has to offer.

Blue Treacle Auto delivers just as much power, yield & effect as most traditional strains while maintaining a compact size that fits in the smallest spaces. This 100% feminized, fully automatic cannabis seed can finish in as little as 60 to 65 days from seed, but you can squeeze a bit more out of these beauties if you hold tight & give them just a little more time.

These marijuana seeds are sold by Feminised Seeds, a highly respected Spanish breeder.

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Illinois Approves Bill on Medical Marijuana

Looks like on friday, the Illinois Senate approved the use of medical marijuana aftera  vote.  If signed into law, Illinois would become the second most populous state in the nation to approve the use of medical marijuana.  It currently awaits the signature of the governor.  The Illinois Governor is Pat Quinn, who has been known to favor the measure.  The senate vote was 34-21 after a fiery hour.  More details and new to be revealed as we get them.

Cann Dispensary Locator

Cann.com is our dispensary locator and we are looking for more submissions to that site.  If you are a medical marijuana patient, please tell your regular dispensary to add themselves to the site! Its completely free and we want to build a vibrant community there.  Hopefully, in due time we can add a ton more features to Cann.com  We are hoping to also relaunch our new site hopefully sooner than later at Cannabis.com and if you have any suggestions please go to our forums at http://boards.cannabis.com and make a suggestion in the feedback area!

We will also be doing a small giveaway soon so please keep an eye out for that as well!

In meantime, thanks everyone to all the lurkers especially to help make our forums one of the oldest cannabis forums on the net!

Jack Herer Seeds

The cream of the crop and perhaps the most exquisite ganja that enthusiasts will ever encounter, Jack Herer® ranks as the most awarded variety in the history of harvest festivals. Nine awards and counting could reasonably be the pinnacle of recognition for any strain, yet Jack Herer® succeeds in going a step further and bears the distinction of being distributed under prescription by Dutch pharmacies as a recognised medicinal strain of cannabis.

Sensi’s champagne of strains is named in honour of Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Thanks to his landmark book and tireless activism throughout his life, Jack Herer can be given most of the credit for reminding the world that cannabis in all its forms has always been one of humankind’s most valuable resources.

The sublime blend of tropical Sativa high and monstrous Indica resin production captured in Jack Herer® must be seen and sampled to be believed. At their peak, buds are so thickly smothered with potent trichomes that they appear sugar-frosted and sparkling. This crystal-coating extends to spear-leaves, fan leaves and even to Jack’s stems and stalks.

Smokers should be prepared to feel the earth move beneath their feet – which can be a very pleasant feeling when your head is soaring in the clouds.


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Happy 420!

Happy 420 from cannabis.com ! we will be bringing a buncha new stuff to enjoy, one-of-a-kind sorta stuff, so keep posted

and visit our forum. commenting is disabled for the moment, but you can post your love in our forums!.

We havent been posting much on this blog because this is just a interim site we threw up until we can show you the real deal, so we’ll keep you guys posted!

In the meantime, enjoy your 420 and be safe everyone!