Uruguay to legalize marijuana

Uruguay Senate has just passed a landmark marijuana legalization measure tuesday leading to the the first country in the world to a system regulating legal cannabis production, sale, and consumption. The only remaining technicality is that President Jose Mujica has to sign the bill, which he has backed.

We will be reporting more on this as this develops.

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Blue Treacle – Funny Name, Awesome Autoflowering Seeds

A stellar mix of Original Blueberry & Sweet Tooth Auto genetics, Blue Treacle is just as delectable as the name implies. But the sugary flavour & thick glaze of sticky resin isn’t all this impressive automatic strain has to offer.

Blue Treacle Auto delivers just as much power, yield & effect as most traditional strains while maintaining a compact size that fits in the smallest spaces. This 100% feminized, fully automatic cannabis seed can finish in as little as 60 to 65 days from seed, but you can squeeze a bit more out of these beauties if you hold tight & give them just a little more time.

These marijuana seeds are sold by Feminised Seeds, a highly respected Spanish breeder.

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Illinois Approves Bill on Medical Marijuana

Looks like on friday, the Illinois Senate approved the use of medical marijuana aftera  vote.  If signed into law, Illinois would become the second most populous state in the nation to approve the use of medical marijuana.  It currently awaits the signature of the governor.  The Illinois Governor is Pat Quinn, who has been known to favor the measure.  The senate vote was 34-21 after a fiery hour.  More details and new to be revealed as we get them.

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Silver Haze

The first Haze is vintage masterpiece of cannabis breeding – a harmonious blend of complementary equatorial genotypes that’s widely regarded as the purest and most powerful Sativa strain ever created. Sensi’s award-winning Silver Haze distils the sunny cerebral magic of her towering parent into a manageable strain with great indoor potential

Haze started out as a multiple-Sativa hybrid with roots in Central America, South India and Thailand. Developed in the days before indoor growing and cultivated below 30ºN, her breeders were not restricted by factors like height, yield or short summers. As indoor growing gained popularity in the Eighties, true Haze began to disappear. Though smokers still adored the soaring high, growers found her slow flowering, low yields and unstoppable height-gain impractical for indoor production.

Silver Haze was the first seed strain to offer a solution by delivering the full-strength Haze experience in a fatter, faster, more compact form. Together with NL#5xHaze (her taller sister), Silver Haze helped reverse the decline of the psychedelic Sativa. As soon as such frosted, pleasingly dense tropical crops could be produced efficiently with lights, ganja lovers all across the globe were able to sample that supreme high and the Haze cult rapidly spread far beyond its original circle of devotees.

The original Haze has had both its outrageous height gain and interminable flowering period brought under control by breeding with an extra-potent, non-dominant individual from the Northern Lights line. The dark Afghanica also throws its weight behind the feathery Sativa budding pattern, adding bulk without affecting flower formation.
Silver Haze should still be expected to triple her vegetated height in flowering, so seedlings and clones may be flowered almost immediately in close-cultivation methods like SOG.
Silver Haze buds are composed of long, silky pistils sprouting from oval calyxes which surge along the stem and branches to fill the gaps between internodes. Afghani influence is seen in the strain’s thick layers of silver resin glands and the way her calyxes swell, adding density in the final weeks of flowering.

Mother’s Finest

Another incredible hybrid with roots in the Jack Herer breeding program, this next-generation Sativa is one of Sensi’s more recent creations. Upon release, Mother’s Finest was an instant hit, winning first place for Sativa at the 2002 Cannabis Cup just a few months later.
Mother’s Finest is more a Hazey offshoot of the Herer line than a direct Jack-descendant. However, just like Jack Flash, Mother’s Finest is best understood as a purposeful fine-tuning of Jack Herer’s multi-faceted gene pool.
Jack Herer sits right on the cusp of the Sativa-Indica divide, Jack Flash is a Skunk-heavy variant and our gorgeous Mother’s Finest – with her sweet-sour flavour rush and ecstatic cerebral high – represents the Haze-dominant side of the family
Naturally, the most Sativa-leaning examples of Mother’s Finest will require the full flowering time, which is still a considerably shorter period than comparable Haze hybrids. Less frequent phenotypes with a stronger Indica influence can mature in eight weeks.
Mother’s Finest gains height quickly when blooming, even in her more Indica form, so growers with limited upward space should flower early. Like other mostly-Sativa hybrids, this strain can be put into 12/12 as rooted clones or small seedlings.

The divine sight and smell of Mother’s Finest in full flower will delight any lover of cannabis, right up to the most dedicated Sativa worshiper. Her conical bud formation takes shape early in flowering as profuse sprays of long-haired calyxes sprint along the stem and branches to join up the clusters at each internode. In later weeks, the spear-shaped colas expand into impressive lime green stalactites of crystal-smothered bud.
As her pistils darken, the calyxes of Mother’s Finest swell and harden, maximising the surface area available for resin glands to multiply. Some phenotypes display extra-vigorous production, forcing calyxes into miniature peaks at the top and sides of large buds, giving the main colas a wickedly horned look.
Elements of musky, fruity skunk and earthy Afghanica are clearly detectable beneath the sharp pine-Haze aroma of Mother’s Finest buds.

Maple Leaf Indica

A relatively new release as a seed, this fat, sticky hash-makers’ plant has long been prized for its sparkling coating of resin glands and syrupy sweet citrus bouquet.
Maple Leaf Indica is bred from precious, vintage Afghanica gene-stock – parent plants that have formed part of several important Sensi Seeds hybrids and which represent one of the surviving strains behind original Mazar-i-Sharif hashish.

The direct forebears of Maple Leaf Indica were brought out of Afghanistan just before the Soviet invasion and older smokers lucky enough to have visited the region in its peaceful era may find this variety to be a taste – and a blast – from the past.
Some of the earliest western references to the Maple Leaf parent strain describe both the plant and the hashish produced from it as “renowned throughout the Hindu Kush and the whole of the Middle East as the best there is.”
Even by the high standards of the region, Mazar-i-Sharif is a celebrated centre of cannabis and hashish culture, and prior to the Eighties its reputation was greater still. Situated just inside Afghanistan’s northern border, the town’s proximity to the territory of the former USSR made it one of the very first areas to be affected by the invasion. This threat was perhaps the only reason that the traditional cultivators of the Maple Leaf parent strain allowed it to leave their possession, and the collector who received the original seeds made it a personal mission to preserve this unique Indica.
The exodus of sublime Afghani genotypes during that period changed the face of ganja cultivation around the world and western growers have literally reaped the benefits ever since. Maple Leaf represents one of the finest Afghanica varieties ever seen outside the region, back-crossed to express the purity of her ancestors.
This strain quickly and easily produces solid buds that drip with and sugary orange-grapefruit flavours. While not the biggest-yielding Afghani in the Sensi collection, Maple Leaf Indica tops the list for resin production and has always been one of our personal favourites.